February 14, 2015


Hi! It's been awhile I've updated this blog and I really do have a small reason for it besides uni and work. This last December I decided to come back to live at home after living for four year at my university's students residence. I do actually miss living on campus and it feels very weird coming home everyday...just like high school time! Then I decided to make a little project around here. Something I never noticed is how small or almost none changes I made in my room through all this years. And that needed to change because I'm not the same person I was four years ago. So I decided to take small steps in changing things around here, starting with painting the walls, new bed sheets, and adding lots of other new decorating items. At the same time there was a need for a good cleaning, moving things around, removing things I don't need anymore, clothes I haven't worn in years, books that I don't tend to use or read anymore and even magazines from 2009. Yikes! 

So that's what my weekends have looked like - cleaning and organizing. Even if it's very exhausting I find it very entertaining and fun since I love decorating. The other downside of it is my limited time for blogging! But I'll get back to it on time. Another little project I want to do is to update my wardrobe. I think one of the reasons why I "never have something to wear" is because I'm not loving what I have. I notice that I tent to buy a lot of trend clothing pieces instead of buying more stuff that I love and that I would still wear over and over again. This is something that I'm learning and it will be a long process to actually have a closet full of basic and useful garments. I didn't do any resolution for this year so that could be it! Resolution 2015: to spend less on stuff I don't need and invest better on things that I would like for months and years to come. 

Oh, and before I leave I wish you a happy Valentine's day! Kind of sad this is not a fun post to share today, but I hope you don't mind. For today I don't have much to do, so I will be with my family, maybe watch a movie and eat some dark chocolate. Yum! I'm actually really boring on Valentines day, I think it was more fun back in school when I could see my friends and give little presents to each others. At home today it's not a big deal, but we do love buying flowers to each other and our favorite chocolate/candy. Anyway, any fun plans for today? Even if you are spending it alone, with a friend or special someone, just remember to have fun and truly appreciate the ones that are with you every single day, including the good days and even the bad ones. So send some love, hugs and kisses to those!

Take care! x 

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