January 26, 2015

Street Style Inspiration

Photographs credits [x,x]
What I love most about fashion weeks are the street style. I find it very interesting looking at photos of people expressing themselves through their clothing. And of course thinking "how can they look so fabulous?" while I'm here in my pajamas. At the same time I can see what's on trend, what are people loving and what are people wearing at the other side of the world. It's very interesting looking around and realize how style changes at different locations around the world.

I'll be honest I don't follow that much fashion trends since I prefer to wear things that compliment my type of body and that is comfortable (this is very important). But once in while I might go for it, love a trend and try it! Who knows I might even end up loving it and adding it to my own personal style. From this photographs you can see how much I'm loving the hats. I think they compliment the outfits so well, like it would be the last touch to complete an amazing outfit. I've been eyeing a few on the web but still deciding if I should buy it or not. Also there are many long coats, capes, suits, splashes of colors, different shapes and textures. And this is just a glimpse... Can't wait to see more!

Enjoy your week!

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