July 23, 2017

Scandinavian Winter Light

It's mostly dark and grey, but if you get the chance to see the sun it makes everything look very magical.

December 2016

November 3, 2015

October 2015

 Autumn is an exciting time for this Caribbean girl.
  • I saw an apple tree for the first time
  • Saw the sunrise at 7 am and sunset at 4 pm. Winter is around the corner!
  • Foggy days!
  • Went for a walk at the beach...with a coat and scarf (that's not usual)
  • Brown leaves on the ground, brown leaves everywhere
  • It has become now an habit to drink two cups of coffee a day for two reasons - one to keep me warm and two for keeping me awake after 5 when it gets pitch black
  • Had a Star Wars marathon..yeap all 6 movies in one day. Not ashamed to admit this. hah I can't remember the last time I watched them. Now I'm very excited for the new one!
  • Booked airplane tickets to celebrate Christmas at home
  • Went to 'Kulturnatten' or Culture night in English. It was fun and freezing cold. Walked a lot and eat some hot dogs along the way... I'm still a "tourist" you know!

And that was October for me. Hello, November! 

P.s. I uploaded a video on YouTube that a accompanies this post. It's not great and with free music...but oh well. I just didn't want to let this footage go to waste. Watch here :)

October 13, 2015

Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn! It's finally nice to meet you...

It's so great to finally feel the change of seasons, something I only imagined and looked from afar through pictures and movies. So it's finally here! The air feels colder even if the sun is out and that it's a very weird feeling. I love the warm colors around me, the trees are changing and everything looks magical. Leaves are everywhere on the ground and it just makes me want to run and threw them to the air - just like in the movies, you know?

Now, in this cold and cloudy day I sit inside with a cup of tea to warm me up and wearing a cozy sweater not bothering to go out at the moment. I've noticed the only down side of autumn is that the days get shorter. For the first time it did bother me a bit that the sun was not out by 6 in the morning. I'm slowly getting ready for whats to come in the winter...my first winter! But at the moment everything is great and beautiful. 


October 12, 2015

Leather, Leather Everywhere

It's leather weather! I mean sweater weather...both? 

I did not get the memo that a leather jacket was a essential here in Copenhagen. Like it's literally everywhere and I'm not complaining - I love it! I went out on the look for a nice fall/winter coat, since it's getting colder and the jackets I own are almost useless. The first thing I noticed is how a sea of people were wearing a black leather jacket. It was interesting....

I decided to go to Zara for a quick look (bad idea) and the next thing I know I'm looking at all the options and styles of leather jackets. To be completely honest, I'm pretty sure I can not pull off the "cool-sleek-bad-girl" look...like no! But I decided to get one anyway. They just look so nice and I think they can add something interesting to an outfit. So off I went, didn't think it twice (you can not think twice!), got the one that I liked the most, checked the price (to not get a surprise) and off I went to checkout! 

La, la, la, la...oh wait! I still need that winter coat...off to the shops soon! Hopefully I don't get drag into buying another "essential" piece. Oh, dear...