April 29, 2018

Postcards from Berlin

 Brandenburger Tor, Pariser Platz
 Delicious currywurst (of course!)
 Berliner Dom, Lustgarten
 The weather was amazing, summer like I would say. So after a long day of exploring we decided to enjoy the sunset with some German beers at Görlitzer Park.
 East Side Gallery, a most visit!
 Canal at Kreuzberg
 Holocaust Memorial, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
 Victory Column (Siegessäule), Tiergarten


March 19, 2018

February 2018

Spring, where are you?
After so many chilly and windy days during this month, I'm so ready for spring to arrive already. But not going to lie, looking snowfall and covering the ground is still one of my favorite things to watch. It makes the city of Copenhagen look like a fairy tale land. 
Another favorite during this season was seeing the inner city lake frozen! People were walking and playing on the icy lake. 

I can't wait for warmer days to come. Spring, pretty please arrive to this icy land.

February 4, 2018

Winter Wonderland

Sometimes little things like this are what makes my day so much better. After a few rainy grey days, snow finally arrived and made the city look like a winter wonderland. It was so cozy to go outside to the park and walk in fresh snow on the ground. Not bothered at all by being covered head to toe with snowflakes. Now, I'll just brew some coffee and take in the view from the warm inside. Have a nice Sunday! 


January 26, 2018

100 days

I finally visited my family and friends in Puerto Rico 100 days after the passing of hurricane Maria. It is a relief to say they are safe and healthy, but just like many in the island they were affected by the damage caused from this natural disaster. Not only the architecture and surroundings look different from destruction but how their everyday life has changed. Things are progressing but at a very slow passe, the majority of the island is still without power, people have lost their jobs and many professionals and students have left sadly for better opportunities abroad. It really hit me when I arrived how things were not the same anymore.    
I just hope things get better with time and the people in need receive the help to find home and safety. Even at this difficult times people are still marching forward and that was a beautiful sign. It was nice to hear people were helping each other with their needs and support during the first few days, which were horrible without communication to know about your loved ones. But as for today lets keep things positive and not let this get us down. Everyday is a new day, the sun still shines bright, the trees are growing and the birds are still singing. That is very nice, indeed!


September 25, 2017

Summer Snapshots

 Favorite moments from this summer:
  • My mother & sis visiting for two weeks in the month of June. It was my sister's first time in Copenhagen and I so happy to show her around my favorite places. 
  • Roskilde festival, of course, was the highlight of the summer
  • Visiting GL Strand to see the Tove Jansson exhibition. Lots of Moomins! But overall, her art is very interesting and learned a few things about her biography. Now, I want to visit again to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibition which just opened. 
  • Last but not least, I enjoyed very much celebrating friends graduations. August was such a joyful month with lots to celebrate (and too many drinks), but at the same time a very stressful one.
Thank you summer 2017 you were a good one!