February 22, 2015

New In My Wardrobe

After days and days of contemplating if I should or not buy a hat, I finally did the purchase. I've been looking for months for the perfect hat but I was always let down every time I'll go in a shop and find out they were already sold out or the ones they had wasn't what I was looking for. So I did what I didn't want to do in the first place and purchase it online. When it finally arrived it was love at first sight (kind of...yes, really). I'm very happy with it and now I think it was very silly of me for not doing so in the first place. I've always stayed away from online shopping because I prefer to buy it at the store, see it and try it before buying it. But not I'm getting the hang of buying online and I don't think that would be good news for my budget. 

Another thing I had in mind for a while was some loafers. Especially black, leathery type ones. It's really funny how things change in just a matter of time. A few years ago I never found the appeal to these kind of shoes. But here I am adding these new babies to my growing black shoes collection. The only thing I hope is for these to be comfy because I plan to wear them to uni. We'll see how it goes! Maybe later on I can invest a little bit more on a pale-cream loafers for spring time. I saw ones at Zara that were really nice, so I would need to check on that.

Items Photographed: hat from H&M | shoes from Forever 21 | book page from How to be Parisian

Enjoy your Sunday!

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