September 14, 2012

Review | Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush™


I’ve seen commercials and printings on magazine of this product for months and I’ve wanted to buy it since then. Ok, I confess I just wanted to try it because it said “bouncy”. Haha I was like “what it’s that?” Plus the colors are very pretty so I gave it a try. 

The first thing we see is the packaging, it is very simple nothing fancy and it’s made of plastic. I picked the coral color, it’s seems more natural in my skin with my yellow undertones. I say the actual product is really good for the price. The price ranges between $5 to $8, I got this one for $6 at Wal-Mart. I think you may have heard that the consistent is very strange because it’s not cream or powder, it’s like something in between. It’s very soft when you touch it like a cream but when you apply it this can feel kind of powdery, if that makes sense (get it?). To apply it is very simple; I use two fingers and do circle motions to blend. What I love about this is that it looks very natural on my skin and I can apply more than one time to add more color and it doesn’t look “cakey”. 

If you have oily skin, like I do, I think you could try this since it doesn’t affect the skin and it doesn’t add undesired shine (because that’s what we dread to have a very shiny face). If you are the kind of person who likes very tinted blushes then I must say don’t expect a lot from this blush. It is very, very sheer/light blush. It just gives a touch of color for a very natural look, which is something I like and if you do too then go for it. 

The only things I didn’t like it’s that it doesn’t stay for hours and the “bouncy”. If I apply it in the morning already by noon it’s completely gone. So it needs to have retouches. And yes, I’m very disappointed with the bounciness haha, it looks beautiful at first but from the moment you start to use it doesn’t look that pretty anymore. Overall, I really do like the product and I’m even thinking to buy some of their other colors. I give this blush 8 out of 10.

Have you tried this blush or planning to buy it? 
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