October 1, 2013

Hello, October!

 "October's the month
When the smallest breeze
Gives us a shower
Of autumn leaves.
Bonfires and pumpkins,
Leaves sailing down —
October is red
And golden and brown."
-Author Unknown

September flew by very fast! Not a lot happened (except uni work and exams), but sure it was fun. Especially this last weekend that I got to spent time with some friends. We all needed some free time to get away from our homework's and just talk. We went to a lake in our hometown, we thought it would be a great place to relax. It was very sunny and hot (autumn weather please come soon!) but very beautiful and there were lots of birds and we even saw a turtle! (which I got a little bit to excited if I'm honest). The lake closed very early so we decided to drive to the beach to have a little picnic. Nothing to fancy just some chips and cheese. Then for the evening we decided to go to the movies and while we waited we went to a coffee shop that I've never been before. The place was very lovely, can't remember the name right now (I need to look it up) and all the tables had pretty decoration with candles. I had some hot chocolate and was really good, I want to go back very soon. I'm still without camera so sorry for the lack of pictures. Oh, and that reminds me. I made my friends to go with me to Best Buy to check out the cameras haha I think they didn't mind (I hope) but they don't get excited over cameras as much as I do!

Now, let's see what October bring us! 
Have a lovely day!


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