March 13, 2013

Now i'm a bit wiser

maybe not wiser but older. On saturday i celebrated my 21st birthday (yikes!) with a little get-together with friends and family. It was very lovely to see everyone, have a great laugh at silly things and stories and of course eat a lot of yummy food. I made this chocolate raspberries cupcakes and i'm very pleased in how they came out. It's kind of sad that i didn't take many pictures of the party - i just enjoyed the moment and had a little off time from uni/work/stress. I must admit i'm kind of nervous of whats to come at this new chapter in my life, just taking baby steps into the "real world" and what society calls, adulthood. It seems exciting and scary at the same time!



  1. Seems so delicious i wanna try this


    Coline ♡

  2. Such an adorable post, loooove the way that cupcake looks!

    I hope you'll check out my blog as well,

    xx Brittany :)


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