January 14, 2013

While I send my computer to be fixed...

I will share with you some of my favorite things from 2012. I don't follow trends too much but these are a few things I enjoyed watching and wearing through the year 2012. 

The 'Peter Pan collar' is a trend that I love so much. It's very cute and goes well with dresses and shirts. I have a few dresses already with them but I've made a few collars myself so I can add them to shirts and I don't think I will stop wearing them very soon. Now the color burgundy...how to explain my obsession with this color? Love it in everything. The question is: can I still wear it in the spring? Oh, I really hope so! Another favorite is mint color nails. I've mention this one before when I bought the Sally Hansen one which I really like. When spring comes I know I will wear this almost everyday. If you are new to my blog (Hi!) I will tell you I have an obsession with lipsticks! My favorite one has to be the MAC Vegas Volt that I bought in the summer. It's a very strong coral but it's not to bright so I wore it like almost everyday. Love it! And the last two are sparkly shoes and cute hats. These two were perfect for the holidays and winter. I like wearing my sparkly shoes with almost everything which adds something fun for plain outfits. And that's the same with cute bubbly hats. You can never go wrong with a hat like that! (or maybe that's just me) 

I know my list goes on, but I think I covered my all time favorites or at least the ones I can come up at the moment. haha Which one did you like the best? 



  1. beautiful post, i adore vegas volt!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  2. Super cute!

    xo Jennifer



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