March 1, 2015

10 Random Facts About Me

For this year I thought it would be a good idea to add a little bit more personal posts around here in the blog. It's the Internet, so I always tend to stay away to talk too much about myself and concentrate mostly on things and subjects that I like. But I've to admit I do love silly posts like this because you get to know better the person behind the blog and get a little inside to their personality. So here it goes, little silly and random facts that I may have never mentioned:

  1. I don't mind repeating movies especially when I like it and enjoy it a lot. But sometimes I may carry away. The amount of times I've watched the movies Shrek and Tangled must not be healthy. Plus, I've watched them each in three different languages: English, Spanish & French. I think I can call them guilty pleasures

  2. Started playing the guitar at the age 12 and around two years I kinda gave up because of my little fingers not getting right some chords. Now I have an urge to get back to it but thinking about getting an ukulele instead (it's smaller). 

  3. My favorite part of a pizza it's the crust. 

  4. I've visited New York City only once in my life and one of my wildest dreams is to move there someday. One trip was enough for me to fall in love with that city. 

  5. I like to collect movie tickets. Even thought some of them are already almost completely blank or unreadable I still hold them because...memories. Maybe I'll throw them away someday but not for now.

  6. I only own one pair of heels because I can't stand the pain. Flats and sneakers for life!

  7. My favorite kind of candy is dark chocolate. I don't actually like many sweets, always prefer sour flavors.

  8. Most things (a lot of things and situations) can make me laugh which can sometimes be awkward and for some reason it makes me still feel like a teenager. What can I say? "I like to laugh, laughing is my favorite!".

  9. I prefer to go shopping in the morning. Too many people in one store can make me feel anxious. I like to take my time to look around especially when everything is well put together and not in a mess. 

  10. If I could I would eat sushi everyday for dinner. But thinking about it maybe I could grow tired of it. So let's keep it the way it is - every once in a while. 
There you go, now you know a few facts about me that might not interest you at all. So sorry about that! But hope you enjoyed and maybe we could know more about each other? 

Have a lovely rest of the day!

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