April 10, 2013

Just keep reading | Book Update

One of my goals for this year is to read more books since last year i was kind of lazy to keep up with my reading and ended up reading like one book in the summer and two more through the year. I really love the experience of reading books, fantasy and love stories that i wish came true in real life and just take a time to get away and relax. At this point i've read like 8 book...i'm not sure, i just lost count. But the reason of this post is Game of Thrones - omg! I just can't stop! If it wasn't for work, classes and life i would have read this like in two days. And is one of the reasons why i haven't post over here. Taking all my free time just reading this. Never thought i would like this story...really. I just wanted to see what was the hype and everyone going crazy about it. I tried watching the HBO series but it wasn't that interesting. How wrong i was! A lot of things are happening, lots of secrets, everything just keeps better and better in each chapter (which it's from different points of view/characters). I'm just a few chapters away to finish it and i need to find the second one very soon. If you like fantasy, kind of mysterious stories with lots of characters and don't mind a little action then you must pick this up. I don't know what more to say about it, i'm not good at making book reviews. Oh, and The Perks of being a Wallflower was really good too and saw the movie already. In short, the book is better...just saying. Maybe when i finish i would do a better book update and mention all the books i've read. 

Thank you for ready & have a nice day!

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