March 12, 2014

Sunny Sunday

Since my birthday was on a Sunday, I decided to go out and celebrate with my family. What an amazing luck we had that it was very sunny and warm to go outside and take a walk...because that what we did all afternoon. We went to a few 'tourist' or very well known places of the city to take photographs and look around in the shops. At the end we ended up at the beach and thought "Why we didn't bring bathing suits?" For next time! But we refreshed with ice cream, water and bubble tea. First time trying the bubble tea and loved it! I tried a Honey Lemon Black Tea with boba and it was very nice, refreshing. And forgive my awkward photo 'self', tried to do an 'outfit of the day' but as you can see I failed... (not used to being in front of the camera!).

Hope you're enjoying your week!

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