August 13, 2012

Back to School Haul

I’ve been shopping these past weeks for things I need for uni, which is mostly clothes. Nothing fancy, these are very casual pieces as I like to be comfy while taking classes. 

These blouses are from T.J.Maxx each for $9.99 and there are more colors in store. They are see through but the material is good for the price. I know they are the same! But I just couldn’t decide which one to take. I’m planning in going back and buy the black one, which now I regret not getting. 

American Eagle was having a big sale so I went to see if they had something I would like. And they did. All of these were only $7.40! And I think that is an amazing price for AE. These are super comfy and soft.

And last, I went to Forever21 and found these, they were not on sale but the price wasn’t bad. Ok, I find the dress kind of sexy to go to class but for the price I had to have it. Or maybe I can work something out and make appropriate, like with a jacket and leggings? If your know Forever21 clothes are not the best quality, but they were cute, good price, comfortable and when I saw the Star Wars t-shirt the geek in me jumped around in happiness.  I found the hoodie and dress on the site, if you are interested.

That is all for now.

I would like to know if you liked this post. Should I do more ‘hauls’ in the future?
Hope you have a nice day!  
: )


  1. I love haul posts, yes you should do more! :)

    1. Yes, I do love haul posts too! And thank you for your comment. ;)


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