August 17, 2012

Cristi's Favorites | Lipsticks

M.A.C. 'Vegas Volt', 'Creme de la Femme' & 'Shy Girl'.

I know I’m posting a lot of my favorites. But I’m still working in some other posts and for now this are the most easily to write. So sorry if I’m boring you. 

Since I consider myself a lipsticks kind of girl, I wanted to show you my top five (yeah, I know, another ‘top five’) favorite lipsticks. I have been using these for a few months and some of them for years! After taking the pictures I realized that most of my favorite’s ones are from the brand M.A.C. and I’m really sorry. I admit they are very pricey, but they are worth it. But I buy lipsticks like one or two every few months, so it doesn’t hurt that much.

So let’s start with my favorite of the summer that I mentioned in my first post the M.A.C. Vegas Volt. It’s a beautiful bright coral. It can look very bright and scary, but do not worry when you put it on it looks more soft and creamy. Next one is the Frost ‘Crème de la Femme’ and this has been my favorite for almost three years. It’s my favorite pink lipstick, it gives me the perfect rosy lips and I use it a lot during the day. The next one is the Cremesheen Shy Girl. I use this lipstick daily! I always have it in my bag because it goes with everything. It’s a beautiful nude color with a hint of pink. For the next one I wanted to choose something else from a different brand, so I picked this Revlon Raisin Rage. I haven’t used this since January so I’m very happy Fall is coming so I can use it again. I don’t know if you can see clearly (sorry for the horrible photo quality) it’s kind of a brown with a hint of red and it’s really creamy so be careful not to put it in hot places, it will melt fast. And for last, I know it’s not a lipstick but I wanted to put it anyway and yes it’s from M.A.C.! It’s called Love Peck from Kissable Lipcolour. This can last for hours! And what I love is that when you put it on it looks like a very dark brown but after hours when it starts to wear off it turn to a fuchsia. It's like magic. I love it and it’s perfect for Fall too!

 And that it’s it! I admit I don’t know how to finish a blog post. I will try my best next time.
Well I hope you liked it & have a wonderful day!


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