September 8, 2012

4 Simple Goals (before 2013) Challenge

If you don’t know, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess challenged everyone to do a list of 4 goals we want to accomplish before 2013. These are goals I want to do before the New Year arrives and they are pretty simple to do if I push myself to actually do them. So here it is:
  1. Redecorate my room: It’s kind of funny how many stuff I have laying around in my room for months waiting for me to be use them. I wanted to decorate my room in the summer so I bought a lot of decorations like some paintings, boxes, photo frames, candles, etc. But I haven’t put them in place!! They are just lying on floor, staring at me like “Are you going to do something?”. haha. So I want to put them together very soon.
  2. Practice French: Last year it was my first year taking French class and I loved it. Even though I’m not taking any French class this semester (sad face), I want to keep practicing so I won’t forget everything that I’ve learned and to keep learning new stuff.
  3. Read more books: I’ve only read 3 books this year and that’s not good. I used to read more when I was younger, so I want to bring that again in my life and read more books. I have a list that I did a few years ago of all the books I want to read. Maybe I should start with that.
  4. Take more photographs: I believe practice makes perfect, maybe not perfect but it can improve. I have said before, "I’ve never taken photography classes" so I think taking pictures everyday will help me expand my knowledge in photography and learn new stuff. This goal is easier then the others because I love photography! It keeps my creativity running when I’m having a slow day. So this should be fun, I just need to remind myself to always keep the camera with me. 
And those are my little goals. I really hope when December comes I have accomplished all of them. I can even make an update here in my blog. And if you want, you can join the challenge. Sounds good? Yeah? Ok! 
Have a nice weekend! 

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  1. i should make this list too! love elsie's blog :) x


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