December 10, 2012

Oh, dear! It's almost Christmas and I haven't posted anything

Ohh, Hiii! Long time no see! I feel like I should be on the naughty list this year for leaving the blog unattended for a long period. So basically I’ve been only busy with finals, work and life that I didn’t even log in for a while. I haven’t even read my daily reading blogs. I need to do some catching up! On a good note: Tomorrow, I finally finish my semester!! Hooray! Sorry this is just a tiny post, just doing a little update. Oh, and I’ve been playing around with my tripod and I’m thinking I’m getting the hang of it for me to start posting outfit posts. Which it should be fun since that is one of my goals with this blog. And last in my updates, I baked my first apple pie for Thanksgiving. Very yummy! It disappeared in a hour, haha. I will try to make a post about it since last time I did a food related post a lot of you seemed to enjoy it.

Signing off for today! Take care & hope you enjoy your day! 

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