September 20, 2013

Getting busy, doing nothing

Happy Friday! 
For me waking up early in the morning on a Friday is a little bit difficult since I'm already tired from the week and in need of a little weekend break. But the best is when I get home in the afternoon and think that I don't need to do that homework for Monday, I can leave that for tomorrow and relax a bit today. Some like to go out at Friday night, but if you are like me you'll understand how I love just staying at home and watch some tv, read a book, catch up whats up with my friends, and just browse through the internet. I think I've never mention some of my favorites blogs, so if you're staying at home tonight "doing nothing" then take a look at this blogs (if you haven't heard of them yet!). They are great to read, lots of inspiring post and amazing pictures.

Well, have a nice weekend! 
Take care!

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  1. lovely links - i love charlotte's blog! xx


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