September 12, 2013

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever

First of all, sorry for posting all this pictures in only one post. I know yikes! But I couldn't decide. I hope you don't mind. Secondly, summer is soon about to end (even if it doesn't feel like it yet). Kind of sad but overall I can say I'm really happy in how my summer vacation turned up to be. I don't consider myself a "summer girl" since I live in the tropical and over here the weather goes crazy hot! But I did a lot of stuff I've never done before and got out of my comfort zone a lot of times. I could say I spent almost every week on a different beach (that's really weird for me), went hiking two times and the second one left me dead tired! But it was lot of fun and now it seems it's time to move on. I'm already back to school (back to reality) and ready for fall. See you next year summer! 


Side note: So I'm going to add this so if anyone who is reading knows about cameras and would like to help me, please do! At the moment my only two cameras are broken (one is a SLR who decided to die and the other doesn't stay on for very long). So I decided to look for something on the market and the dilemma of which model to go for drives me a little insane. I wish I could say "Yeah, I will have a DSLR camera" oh I wish but sadly I'm on a student budget and I want something like for now! Anyway if you have any suggestion, i will be happy to read them. Thanks! :)


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