April 10, 2015

Spring Wishlist

Well, hello there! It's been awhile, but don't worry I'm still here surviving my last two months of the semester! So, there are a few things that have been running around my head recently and some I've had them written down on my wishlist for a while. I think the time has come to make a few purchases that I will call them to be necessities, just things that I really like and others that I really do need them.

There is always something new going around the beauty department and a lot of them I want to try out. But let's start with eye cream, which at the moment I have none. I never was into eye creams until very recently, I just never found them useful when I was a teenager. Around a year ago I picked up from my mom's the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Cream with Avocado and just had the curiosity (just a tiny bit). Oh boy, did I feel in love with this product. It such a good moisturizer and even saw a slight difference with the small lines that I get sometimes from lack of sleep. This product helps me so much with that and it makes my eyes look less tired, you know more bright. This is definitely going to be purchased on my next shopping trip. 

Another thing I'm out off is my beloved Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara. My lashes are pretty long so most of the time I stay away from "volumizing mascaras". But they do need a little help in adding color and definition. It doesn't matter how many products of mascara I try, I always come back to this product. It's just perfect for what I need, plus it doesn't irritate my eyes!

Last on this beauty list, the Revlon Nail Polish in "Checkmate". I never seem to get along with nude or very pale nails. They always tend to look weird, that's why I always stay with darker shades like black, gray, reds and burgundy. But I really like this shade of nude, at least it looks amazing on others. So I'll see how it goes with this one - it might be the winner for nude nail polishes.

The extreme hot weathers are coming and there is almost no sleeveless tops in my closet. I do like the look of the high neck, not extreme turtleneck top of course. They would be nice to have and pair them with practically everything - shorts, jeans, skirts.

Next on my list are glasses. It's already past a year since my last glasses update and I'm ready for a new style. I saw this Persol Typewriter edition ones a few weeks ago, tried them on just for fun and very weirdly I ended up liking them...a lot. It's actually advertised for man, but oh well no one will know. The color it's pretty similar to my Ray-Ban's, but I don't know - I just like the vintage style of these. I'm still thinking about it because even if I like them, I'm still not sure if I could pull them off.

Last but not least, some metallic shoes that I really don't need but I still want them. I like these ones Silver Patent Blucher from Zara. I know, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I just have a thing for shoes that are metallic, sparkly and shiny. They just add something fun to a very boring wardrobe, if you ask me. Plus, it's spring! Let the crazy shoes out!

Have a lovely weekend!

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