January 26, 2018

100 days

I finally visited my family and friends in Puerto Rico 100 days after the passing of hurricane Maria. It is a relief to say they are safe and healthy, but just like many in the island they were affected by the damage caused from this natural disaster. Not only the architecture and surroundings look different from destruction but how their everyday life has changed. Things are progressing but at a very slow passe, the majority of the island is still without power, people have lost their jobs and many professionals and students have left sadly for better opportunities abroad. It really hit me when I arrived how things were not the same anymore.    
I just hope things get better with time and the people in need receive the help to find home and safety. Even at this difficult times people are still marching forward and that was a beautiful sign. It was nice to hear people were helping each other with their needs and support during the first few days, which were horrible without communication to know about your loved ones. But as for today lets keep things positive and not let this get us down. Everyday is a new day, the sun still shines bright, the trees are growing and the birds are still singing. That is very nice, indeed!


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