February 21, 2013

Just taking some time...

I've heard organization is the key to success. I don't know if that's entirely true but in times like this it works for me. I'm a full time student, so to keep up to date with my work i need to be organized or otherwise everything will become a huge mess. I thought i will share how i keep (or at least try) myself organized. The most important thing in my life (ok, maybe it's not the 'most') is my agenda. I write everything in it! from school work, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, shopping list, you name it. Every morning before going out of my house to the real world i always check the agenda to know if i'm on the right track and it has saved me lots of time and then i check it again before going to bed...you never know if i haven't done an assignment due for the other day. yikes! Another thing is i always keep a calendar besides my bed with very important dates like a "Biology test" - that's very important to me and it reminds me i need to study everyday. Or if i'm feeling i'm going to forget something i like to leave notes and stick them somewhere i can see them. And to finish, if the others don't work, an alarm! Oh yes, to put an alarm 5 minutes before my favorite tv show shows a new episode its very, very important! haha. No, really it works to put alarms in my phone and that way i can be always on time. Well i hope this post "helped" or inspire you even just a little. I'm going to have a huge/horrible test this monday so that's why theres have being a lack of post around here. I'm freaking out a little bit but hopefully everything will be good and done by the afternoon and then after is all done i may treat myself with some "New Girl" episodes and hot chocolate. Yes, that could work to calm my nerves.


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