August 6, 2013

A little fun for the ears and the heart

This summer i opted more to listen to fun, upbeat music that  made me smile and dance around my house. I wanted to listen to something that could leave the stress of the day behind and remind myself to relax (something i should do more often). So here is what's on repeat...
  • Mirrors by Justin Timberlake - So this is my guilty pleasure. To be honest i only knew one song from JT (SexyBack? don't ask...), but maybe that was because i was very young when he started and his music wasn't my style when i was in my teens. But yeah, i've been loving some of his music now, very upbeat and happy feeling! 
  • Night Visions by Imagine Dragons - Like literally, the entire album is amazing! They are my new obsession. My favorite at the moment is On Top of the World. I really enjoy great melodies, clear vocals and great lyrics to sing to. 
  • Burn by Ellie Goulding - This is a great tune to listen to in a road trip with friends. At first i didn't like it that much but it slowly grew in me and now it's a favorite. Oh! and check the music video too! 
  • Up in Arms by Observer Drift - I found their music recently and i'm loving every song. At the moment this one is my favorite, for some reason it makes me feel great everytime i listen. 
  • Evergreen Love by Misty Miller - If you've seen the Burberry ad for their website then you've heard this song. When i saw their video the first thing i wanted to find was the song because it's so beautiful! Really glad i watched it. 

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