April 16, 2014

Lazy Day

It's been a while since I took a day off to be lazy all day. But I'm finally on my spring break! I'm putting aside uni work for now and just enjoying some free time catching up on my fun reading books. Already started the third book of the series A Song of Ice and Fire - "A Storm of Swords" and I'm surprised how I'm loving it (just in case I'm not a huge fan of series, I prefer to read a story in one book) it just get better and more interesting. Oh, and it has a map! I love books with maps, it makes me really get into this world and with books as big as this is perfect to know where the characters are. And just writing this post makes me feel like a very boring person, everybody is at the beach or something and I'm here using my free time reading. That's just me, what makes me happy - give me a book, light a candle, some baked goodies & hot chocolate. Perfect! haha Oh well, now I'm off to go and continue over here... Have a happy & nice Wednesday! 


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