July 23, 2014

For the Coffee Lovers

  I’m loving this idea of taking mini road trips in the summer instead of doing the usual: staying at home, reading and going to the beach. It’s fun to get out and go to different, unusual places and enjoy the beautiful things that your hometown can offer. Just because we live here doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. Plus it’s fun to act like a 'tourist' when going to these places.

  Last week we took another short road trip, and by we I mean my mom, sister and I. Like coffee lovers that we are, if you haven't noticed that I post a lot of coffee related stuff, we went to this little coffee museum located in the mountains. My mom knew about this place for a while and wanted to have a look. I’m glad we did! It was very interesting knowing a little inside in how coffee grounds are made, how different they are and taste differ depending on the country and the different ways to brew it. At the outside of the museum (didn't take much pictures inside) they have a little shop where they serve...coffee. Since it's located in the mountains it has  a great view. It’s a nice place to sit for a while, enjoy the view, have a chat and drink amazing coffee. It was a very hot day so we decided to go for an iced latte that was delicious. I could say one of the best iced lattes I ever had, the taste was just perfect. Pretty sure we are going back very soon.

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