November 20, 2014

The Wanderlust Bug

The wanderlust bug has bitten me! This is something new I want to integrate in my blog, a little travel category. I’ve been thinking about a way where I could talk about my craving and dream to travel and see the world. No, very sadly I’m not taking a trip in the near future since I’m here finishing my degree but I thought it would be fun to start adding inspirations and little anecdotes of my past little travels. Recently I’ve discovered the travel blogging community and there are so many inspirational people with stories that have left me in awe. It’s so easy to fall for the excuses like “It’s too expensive.” or “I don’t have the time.” and another classic “I can't find somebody to travel with.”… Over the summer I did a little research and decided that I’m going for it! How? I don’t really have a concrete plan yet, but the feeling is strong so I’m going to work for it. So if you want to join me through this little journey, of course you can follow my blog. If you are a travel blogger and want to leave a link or even advice is very much appreciated and I love discovering new blogs!

P.S. I gave up and created a Pinterest account so if you want to follow over here. Still learning my way of the “pinning world”.


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