November 14, 2014

The Winter Wish List

The stores are already looking very Christmassy, people are getting ready and excited, planning Christmas shopping, and I’m here making my Christmas list. Now, I’m taking a time free from studies to share that wish list. A lot of these have been in my Bookmarks (yes, I use bookmarkers because I don’t have a Pinterest. Should I?) for a while so I’m hopping to have a few of them very soon to treat myself at the end of the semester. Or maybe this is just like a way to say: “Hey Santa, would you be very kind to leave me one of these under the tree?” Haha Not really, but it’s nice to dream of nice things once in a while. The list is pretty explanatory but I would do a little rundown. 
A Book | I have a very extensive list of books but Wildwood by Colin Meloy is on top of that list and if I’m honest is all mainly because of the illustrations. It looks very interesting and it’s been years I haven’t read an illustrated book. Plus, I think this would look really cute on my night table. 

Candles | I’ve seen people raving about these candles and they look very interesting. I like the packaging, very simple but intriguing. The only problem I’m having is which one to choose because they all sound amazing especially: apple picking, spicedpumpkin and campfire. So many candles, so little time! 

A backpack | I do need a backpack! Just something where I can carry a laptop, some notebooks and other random stuff in just one place instead of having to carry around three bags every time I go out. It’s getting a little annoying so I’ve been thinking about the Herschel backpacks because they look very reliable and they have good reviews plus they’re in my budget. 

A bike & jewelry | So the bike is just a thing that is more “oh I wish (list)” and it would be fun to have not a priority. I wish I lived in a place that could be more bike friendly. I wouldn't mind riding something like this! And for the jewelry, some new rings could not go wrong to have in my mini collection. I’m not a huge fan of having lots of jewelry but I like little things like this H&M rings (or this).

Are you getting ready for the holidays?
Have a lovely weekend!

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