January 17, 2015

In the Middle of Nowhere

In the middle of nowhere, but we knew where we where. Get it? This is one of those spots that people/locals seem to know about but they are kind of secret places.

Never Stop Exploring
The day started grabbing a cup of coffee with my mother, again a little spot in the mountains that from the outside looks like a bar, you enter and see a small supermarket than if you keep walking you will see the cafe. Very small and compact but really nice. I'll share some photos in another post. It was like a 30 minute car journey from my house for just a cup of coffee, but worth it - amazing and very inexpensive! After our little coffee break we asked for directions for this peculiar place and five minutes later we were there. It is essentially an under-construction bridge. Something I didn't expect is how calm and therapeutic it felt to be there. Since it is a desolated area it was very quiet and the only thing you could hear were birds singing, flying through the trees and the flow of the water from the river. Kind of upset that the part of the bridge is closed but as for now it's painted with the words "I love you". Sweet! 

Hopefully I can go back soon! Of course, if they haven't finished it. It's always nice to do a little exploring around, ask for directions or places that people love and find something like this. This doesn't happen everyday. Hope you enjoy the photos! 

 Have a nice weekend!

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