January 15, 2015

Capture the Good Times

Doing my yearly "new year cleaning" I found my old phone which I completely forgot that I had left it in the closet for someday transfer all the photos to save them. But of course, never did...until today! What a special surprise I had to see all these photos that I kind of forgot about them and it was great to go through them and have a little laugh. 

Something I do regret a bit is in not investing in a good camera. Why did I waited for so long?! It makes me want to go back to these places and take a better shot. Even though the quality is not that great I still love them. The charm and beauty behind these photos are more for the stories behind them. The memories that brings me just by looking at them, it reminds me of the time spent with friends and family. For example, the second photo I remember that I was in pain! We had been walking for about, I don't know, three hours and I was exhausted. I took the photo while I was taking a break on the floor. Also remember been annoyed with my friends because for some reason they weren't tired and continued walking. haha And if you're wondering, yes the hike was worth the pain! Beautiful view at the top, maybe I should look for those photos. Good times! 

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

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