September 6, 2012

Autumn List

First of all, if you read my blog, I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been very busy and sometimes I didn’t have the energy and inspiration to write a post. I don’t want to blog without been enthusiastic in what I’m writing about. So I preferred to take my time. 

Second, Oh wow, one month has passed since I first started blogging! Too fast! Yesterday it was summer and now I’m like, “Oh, hi September! Didn’t see you coming.” Haha. But at the same time I'm very happy since I love Autumn, especially the weather. 

And third, here is my list for my next shopping trip.  

  1. Despite that classes already started, I’m looking for a new backpack since the one I’m using has already two years and I’m getting kind of tired of it. I love this kinds of bags that are like made of leather and sloppy, but sometimes I like to carry my laptop so I don’t know if to buy something like this or something bigger. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. All my tights are black, so this year I want to do a little change and wear burgundy color tights. It will be something different and maybe it will look good since almost all my clothes are black/gray. 
  3. For months I have been craving to buy a purple shade lipstick, specially from MAC. I will see if I can get it this weekend. 
  4. I need headphones, like right now! Mine are dead after two years using them 24/7. haha. What can I say? I love music! Maybe I will buy two, because I love this one – first they look cute and second I love the color. The bad part is I find it kind of big to carry it around everywhere, so I need smaller ones too.
  5. Glitter oxfords. I mentioned this in another post and I still haven’t found the perfect pair, so difficult! I’m thinking of buying some plain oxfords and maybe add them with some glitter. But I don’t know if it will look good. 
  6. More jumpers please! Fact: I love jumpers! I think I have one in every color and I still want more. If I find an ombre style jumper I will definitely buy it. 

                                      And for now that is my list of things I need/want for this season.  

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    MIiriam stella

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