February 28, 2013

fashion week favorite's

Recently i've took the time to have a little look of what's been presented at some of the runways from this past few weeks from fashion week. From the few i've seen everything looks amazing! I love a lot of the prints used like floral skirts, stripes shirts, animal print hats - things that are fun to wear and can bring something interesting in a "plain" outfit. One of my favorite pieces was the see through skirt from Burberry, i wish i could have something similar to that, it looks very elegant even thought i think it will just look 'good' on runway...i don't know. And of course the colors black&white are everywhere and i really like it (but of course, this comes from a girl whose closet is almost entirely black). A part from the color, i really like the Carolina Herrera dresses, so elegant, simple and the way the fabric moves plus that hair style! Oh, that's another one - i saw lots of fun hairstyles and that is making me consider growing out my hair (at moment i have shoulder-length hair).



  1. Lovely choices - the Burberry collection looks great! And that hairstyle looks so great, wish I could do that! X

    1. Thank you! I wish that too, not even hair tutorial can help me! haha x


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