February 19, 2014

Inspiring Spring Summer Looks

Even thought I enjoy fashion and don't always follow the "rules" in wearing whats "in season" (I just go along with things I feel comfortable and looks good on me), but I get really excited when seasons change because somehow that change translate too into how I dress. I always prefer fall/autumn clothing...you know sweaters, leggings, scarfs, beanies. As you can see in the pretty pictures above, I have just discovered a new designer called Betina Lou and I'm in love with the Spring Summer and Fall-Winter 2014 lookbooks. Everything looks so well put together, so simple and yet inspiring and interesting. I'm already a fan from what I've seen on their site. Now I just need to make a wish-list and hopefully soon will go out and buy some things I need (like dresses and skirts for the spring - but maybe that wont happen and I will end up buying more books, mugs and coffee haha). 


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  1. ahahaa I go with the flow too, or wear whatever I feel is right <3



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