March 4, 2015

My Spring Must-Have Items

I always find it sad to say goodbye to winter.  I know, I know lots of you might be thinking I'm crazy. Just by looking at the weather forecasts and news from different parts of the world I might think lots of you are very excited for spring and summer to arrive. In my case, winter here in the tropical Puerto Rico is great! I'll say it's the perfect weather - not too hot and (of course) not too cold. 

But anyway I'm not here to talk about the weather, I'm here to write down a few spring clothing items I've been checking out. I did a spring-cleaning already very early in February and while I was re-organizing, I wrote down things that I needed in my wardrobe and now all I need is to hit the stores. This list is pretty much basic items to mix and match. Another thing I noticed is how many are from Zara, this post might be called as well "Zara Wish List".

For months I wanted some "leather" pants/trousers or leggins. They always look nice and makes the outfit look edgy without it being too much or risky. But then comes the downside of living in a humid weather. Just by seeing it made me sweat! Every time I saw them at some store, I would pick them up, marvel at them, try them out (take a sneaky picture) and leave them there. I don't know what happened to me until now...uhhh, how about leather shorts? YES!

Do I need to explain? I just find them perfect. I can never stand too many fitting or tight clothes.

There is not such thing as too much faux leather items! In reality I do need to pick up a new jacket. One I had for two years already broke down (literally, it did fall to little pieces!). I do admit it wasn't the best quality, so now I really want to make a good choice. I love how it always goes whether you want to go casual or even for an elegant night out outfit. I think it's a must in everyone's closet. Especially in mine since I tend to be kind of boring so adding a leather jacket always helped to make it a bit interesting.

I just need a classic plain dress either be black or white (or both). I have way too many dresses with prints and it's kind of difficult sometimes to style. Something basic that can go with anything and anywhere. Make it more for the cut and details. I'm very into an open-back without showing too much skin. That would be nice for those coming hot days in the spring and summer. 

Do you have any tips or other recommendations? Let me know!

Have a lovely day and nice rest of the week!

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