September 24, 2015

Hello from Copenhagen!

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore... or more correctly, Puerto Rico. It's been officially a month since I arrived and still haven't got used to the new place I would call home for the next two years. Studying abroad has always been one of my dreams. Another one was to visit Europe, so I thought "why not do both? visit & study" Of course, easier said than done. It has been a more than a year work. Started with a bit of research of what I wanted to study and where. For days I stared at the computer screen searching, reading information about programs from different countries and universities. Until I found a few that I liked, next step was to send applications and hopefully get accepted. So long story short - I ended up here! The program was exactly what I was looking for and Denmark was on top of my list of places to visit. At the same time coming from a small island, I liked the idea in living in a small city close to the coast. 

It's been none stop work since I landed here. Have explored a little bit around, have gotten myself lost a few times and learning the transportation systems it's...something. At the moment I'm almost settled, still looking for a place (the rumors are true, wow it's difficult finding a place to live) and still without a bike in a city of bikes. Got to get myself together hah! Even if studies take a lot of my time, I want to have some fun when I can! Traveling to other cities it's on the agenda for the future. At the moment I'm just exploring the city. If you have visited Copenhagen before and have some recommendations, let me know!! Very excited to see more of this beautiful city and hopefully I can share more of this adventure.


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