September 21, 2015

Postcards from Paris

Bonjour! Well, no, actually it has been over a month now since I was in this lovely city - Paris. Just making a few dreams come true. First: Traveling to Europe! (oh, hello first stamp in my Passport) Second: Paris. Do I need to say more? My excitement levels were out of this world.

To write the whole experience it's not entirely possible. But I can say that those five days felt like a dream. I just could not believe I was actually there.  Everything was so surreal, different and unexpected but at the same time a lot of things lived my expectations. Like the architecture, flowers on the balconies, crêpes and coffee in the morning, macarons, the cafes...I can't put everything into words. And to be honest, I spent most of the days exploring and really observing everything. Capturing everything with my eyes and not so much with the camera. Just took a few photos, enough to capture a bit of my days. Hopefully I can go back very soon! Five days were to enough to explore everything.

More photos coming soon...

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