October 12, 2015

Leather, Leather Everywhere

It's leather weather! I mean sweater weather...both? 

I did not get the memo that a leather jacket was a essential here in Copenhagen. Like it's literally everywhere and I'm not complaining - I love it! I went out on the look for a nice fall/winter coat, since it's getting colder and the jackets I own are almost useless. The first thing I noticed is how a sea of people were wearing a black leather jacket. It was interesting....

I decided to go to Zara for a quick look (bad idea) and the next thing I know I'm looking at all the options and styles of leather jackets. To be completely honest, I'm pretty sure I can not pull off the "cool-sleek-bad-girl" look...like no! But I decided to get one anyway. They just look so nice and I think they can add something interesting to an outfit. So off I went, didn't think it twice (you can not think twice!), got the one that I liked the most, checked the price (to not get a surprise) and off I went to checkout! 

La, la, la, la...oh wait! I still need that winter coat...off to the shops soon! Hopefully I don't get drag into buying another "essential" piece. Oh, dear...


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