October 13, 2015

Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn! It's finally nice to meet you...

It's so great to finally feel the change of seasons, something I only imagined and looked from afar through pictures and movies. So it's finally here! The air feels colder even if the sun is out and that it's a very weird feeling. I love the warm colors around me, the trees are changing and everything looks magical. Leaves are everywhere on the ground and it just makes me want to run and threw them to the air - just like in the movies, you know?

Now, in this cold and cloudy day I sit inside with a cup of tea to warm me up and wearing a cozy sweater not bothering to go out at the moment. I've noticed the only down side of autumn is that the days get shorter. For the first time it did bother me a bit that the sun was not out by 6 in the morning. I'm slowly getting ready for whats to come in the winter...my first winter! But at the moment everything is great and beautiful. 


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